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Aglaonema ‘Freedman’


The Aglaonema ‘Freedman’ is a strong air-purifying plant with a beautiful silver/green foliage. Ideal for a shady place in your home or office due to its origins in subtropical rainforests under dense foliage.

  • Botanical Name: Aglaonema ‘Freedman’
  • Common Name: Chinese Evergreen
  • Height: Grows up to 70cm
  • Spread: Grows up to 40cm
  • Prefers: Shade Loving Plant (very limited light required).
  • Plants To Your Door Tip: Great air-purifying plant that loves to sit in the shade and requires very little maintenance.


Watering and Maintenance

The Aglaonema ‘Freedman’ requires little maintenance. Please see below for tips to keep your plant perfectly happy and healthy!

    • Make sure that the roots do not remain in the water.
    • Keep the soil slightly moist. To check the soil, put your finger in the ground to feel if the plant is too wet or too dry. Do this more often in the beginning until you get a feeling in the rhythm and the amount of water the plant needs.
    • TOP TIP: Cover the soil and rinse the leaves in the shower once every 3 months to prevent pests and keep the foliage dust free.
Botanical Name

Aglaonema 'Freedman'

Common Name

Chinese Evergreen

Pot Size



Up to 70CM.


Up to 40CM.

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