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Syngonium ‘Arrow’


The Syngonium ‘Arrow’ is a striking plant with leaves that change shape depending on the maturity of the plant. A younger plant will have arrow-shaped leaves whereas a mature plant will start to product finger-shaped leaves. The striking veins through the leaves comprising of cream and green lines look stunning and provide a focal point for your display.

  • Botanical Name: Syngonium ‘Arrow’
  • Common Name: Arrowhead Plant, Arrowhead Vine
  • Height: Grows up to 120cm
  • Spread: Grows up to 50cm
  • Prefers: Bright Indirect Light.
  • Plants To Your Door Tip: Keep well watered in the growing season for a steady flow of new and healthy foliage growth.

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Watering and Maintenance

    • This plant is a easy to grow.
    • Good drainage is important to prevent root rot.
    • Water once per week or when the soil feels dry to the finger. Do not overwater and make sure there is no sitting water which can encourage root rot. Reduce watering in winter.
    • Mist the leaves regularly to add humidity and keep away from radiators which will dry out the leaves and foliage.
    • Dust the leaves regularly to clear the pores and keep the foliage healthy and disease free.
    • Repotting: Best to re-pot the plant every 3 to 5 years into a larger pot.
    • TOP TIP: Only water when the soil feels dry and repot every 3 to 5 years to give the roots space to grow and allow the plant to mature.
Botanical Name

Syngonium 'Arrow'

Common Name

Arrowhead Plant, Arrowhead Vine

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